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30 in 30!!

"thirty days hath September, April, May..."

I'm joining the '30 in 30' challenge with Leslie Saeta and hundreds of other artists in a few days! In an effort to create a habit of making time to paint everyday, and to adjust to my new empty nest status I have committed to painting something each day in the month of September. Here's the catch: I have to post it here on my blog to hold myself accountable!

I'm excited and anxious-but looking at my stack of 30 brand new canvases makes me wonder if I've lost my mind. (for the 14th time today.)

Some artists choose to paint within a theme...apparently that helps to cut down on the number of minutes one stares at the brand new bright white canvas in front of them...I'm going with "everyday objects" because I'm pretty confident that I can always paint an egg or two!

Since I will be traveling the first 5 days of the month I am starting a bit early. (This first-born over-achiever would hate to be late on the first day!)

Thanks for following along! Anyone want to join me?

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