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Day 13 and 14

The 30 in 30 Challenge has become challenging!

I have been painting daily to keep up with commissions...but haven't painted a separate small painting every day as I'd planned.

I also planned on painting ahead and finishing extras so that when I traveled I wouldn't have to pack a lot of supplies. Guess what I'll be doing as soon as I finish typing!?

To make things even more challenging I am having my studio painted (yay!) while I am gone~ but that also means I need to take everything off the walls and move the furniture, easels, canvases, shelves, and drafting table into the middle of the room (yuck!). That also means I will need to put it all back before I start painting again when I come home...

Anyway...finished up this fun abstract (20x24" on canvas) for a sweet family and their college-aged daughter who is decorating her first apartment. I'm honored to be included

in that process.

Next was another pet portrait...this one is going to be an awesome Christmas gift and surprise. I've been assured the recipient is not on any social media...fingers crossed!

I did paint yesterday as well. That painting was great entertainment and will NOT be posted.

Does picking out a wall color and buying paint count for painting today?

Tomorrow's not looking good either!

Go Bears!

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