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Why the nests?



noun \ˈnest\

Simple Definition of nest

  • : the place where a bird lays its eggs and takes care of its young

  • : a place where an animal or insect lives and usually lays eggs or takes care of its young

  • : a home where people live

The first nest I painted and sold was on a pillow...the buyer fell in love with it because there were 3 eggs and she had 3 children.

I have a very distinct memory of when the nest symbolism took root in my heart- it was a Thanksgiving a long time ago-early in our marriage and before children and we had driven late into the night to my in-laws house about 8 hours away. All 5 of the siblings would be there with the addition of 2 new daughters-in-law. By the time we arrived it was the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning and my mother-in-law was elbow deep in a massive turkey, stuffing the daylight out of it. I don't think she'd been to, baking, preparing for 9+ people for dinner by herself. But there she was-smiling from ear to ear-because we had finally arrived and

"All my chicks are in the nest!"

She looked me in the eye and said, "there is nothing like this feeling. When I go to sleep I know where everyone is, and that they are all safe."

Fast-forward 20 years or so and her words never rang truer. When the first chick left my nest I felt like the whole structure would fall out of the tree! But after a little time (ok, maybe more than a "little")and some re-arranging balance was restored and my kids soon learned that when "all the chicks were in the nest" mama was HAPPY.

I even had them trained!

Me: "Guess what?"

Kids: "what, mom."

Me: "tonight is gonna be the BEST night! do you know why?"

Kids: "Yes, mom. All your chicks are in the nest." (said together in a monotone, slightly annoyed voices, with added eye-rolling).

Throughout the changes in my "nest" I kept painting them. I loved them-the colors, the meaning, and the ease of being able to paint without even thinking about how to do it. When we moved a few years ago I decided to paint a BIG one to hang over the fireplace in our keeping room. The 4x5 foot canvas was the largest I had ever bought. BAM! It was awesome! Painting that big was so freeing! My husband loved it and even left me a note on it: "that picture on the mantle is perfect. Beautiful. DO NOT SELL."

So of course I took it to the one show I had ever participated in!!!

It looked enormous looming over the "regular" sized paintings I had hanging behind it. It actually made me nervous carrying it in. It was a bold statement piece screaming "Look at me! I think I can paint!"

"No one will buy this," I thought. "It's too big and too expensive and too personal." My dear friend Charlotte was working my booth on the opening night while I watched my senior's soccer play-off game. She was going to text me if anything sold. Her first text read: "I changed the price on your big nest. It's too low."

WHATTTTT? up $200!!!

Her next text came in: "I sold your big nest".

Since that night I have continued to paint those nests BIG. I've painted them in almost every color-from 2 eggs (anniversary gift!) to 6 eggs for a happy mama with a very full nest. I've painted a nest that was 7 feet long and I've painted them on 2 inch square canvases for Christmas ornaments. I've painted eggs that are blue for boys and pink for girls, and every shade in between.

And each time I paint one I think about my nest:

a snug retreat or refuge; a resting place; home.

I pray that yours and mine will always be just that.

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