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30 in 30 update

You wouldn't know it by my blog updates, but I have been painting everyday...(well, almost). My great ideas about painting abstracts and painting in the order of the rainbow have been more challenging than I thought and have taken longer to complete.

But this is exactly what I wanted to do in January: more playing around with colors and methods and giving myself freedom to do so. The flip-side of that, however, are paintings that I'm not crazy about (which is OK) and I'm reluctant to post them on my social media feeds. Which is also ok, if I give my rule-following self a break! ("must post every day! must paint a whole painting every day! must find a way to shut that voice up!")

I've had a few pet portraits that were needing to get finished up...this is a sweet girl named Effie.

I'm also taking a drawing class and working on figure studies with live models. I'm loving being a student again and switching gears to charcoal and pencils and yummy lights and darks and shadows. I'm hoping I can turn some of these figure studies into some framed charcoal drawings and abstract nudes in acrylics...even though my teacher reminds me every week that he HATES acrylic paint...ok.

As always, thanks for following along and encouraging me!



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