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That's the word that comes to mind when I look at my old blog posts. As in, "why did I write that?", "who cares?", and "what???". I could re-publish my "Why the Nests?" post over and over. In fact, I've told that story over and over and probably always will. The others? meh.

I can feel the same way about some of my older art. I added my latest paintings and pushed the old ones way way down the page. Some of them have found new homes in a deleted folder.

Here's the thing: I am still learning. Mr. Michelangelo said that. I wonder if he ever looked back at his earlier works and cringed. (Did people cringe back then?) I wonder if he had a favorite area of the ceiling and another part that he stared at every time he walked into the Chapel and thought, "ugh. I hate the way that finger looks."

I will most likely cringe at this blog post after I post it. I'm going to try to embrace the early paintings because they brought me to the ones I'm really proud of and taught me so much


Here's to a new year. Go try something, write something, dance, sing, get into that headstand again...whatever. Make yourself cringe. Then embrace it. Who knows where it will take you?


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